We’re excited to announce this new, excessively packaged and slightly toxic format. Contains the uncut feature (which even the right-wing New York Post lauded, bizarrely agreeing with us that “Capitalists aren’t just greedy, they’re stupid. Really stupid”), as well as 80+ minutes of extras, including: Never-before-seen actions (a games conference at which “McDonald’s” announces the end of the world and pledges revolution to stop it, a nanotech conference at which “Dow” announces the “post-cautionary principle,” etc.); Our first video, with its especially catchy title (“The Horribly Stupid Stunt Which Has Resulted in His Untimely Death”); Video about some truly demented corporate comic-book artists and our even more demented response to their accidentally neo-fascist efforts (“Making Europe Fun and Interesting”); Elaborate, if completely ineffective, instructional piece set in a Dow plant near Chiplun, India (“How to Be a Yes Man”); Full, uncut BBC broadcast; much more!  

If you buy the DVD from us at the standard retail price ($25), you’ll also get a free copy of our “dream edition” New York Times, and the knowledge you’re helping us do our de-dirtying work.

If watching our DVD in your own home isn’t enough for you… organize your own screening for friends, colleagues, or mental patients with an excellent new tool called Good Screenings, set up by the insanely energetic Franny Armstrong (director of The Age of Stupid). With this tool, activist or student groups, schools, churches and anyone else can organize their own screenings of social-justice films, and make a little money by charging for tickets and keeping the profits.

If you’re part of a non-profit or just want to help one, you can use our DVD for your fundraising needs! We’ve kept the rights to the DVD, so we can offer sweet NGO discounts for orders of 50 or more, with downright sickly-sweet discounts for quantities above 500. Please write to us to discuss.

A few theatrical screenings left!

Theatrical release in the U.S. began October 7, 2009 in New York City, with simultaneous premieres in New Orleans and Bhopal. For theatrical or semi-theatrical booking in the US (if you need film prints, etc) please contact our US distibutor, Shadow Distribution. If you are in the UK or US want to screen the film otherwise (ex. non-profit, school screening, in your living room, etc.), please visit Good Screenings.